Dr. Michael Pinkerton,

Independent Living Services Director

I began seeing Barbara for Alexander sessions after my car accident causing a whiplash injury.

I was getting continual headaches & severe neck pain. I tried different therapies with only temporary relief.

In one session Barbara released the pain pattern ‘stuck’ in my brain/CNS and my headaches and neck pain were gone.

I was so impressed I continued working with her to learn to stop my habitual tension pattern when under stress. Barbara is a gifted practitioner and this Technique is a skill for life.

L. Beeson Librarian, 72

The Alexander Technique was immensely helpful in managing severe lower back pain caused by my worsening scoliosis. This is a very gentle Mindful technique involving verbal directions with gentle touch to change my tension pattern. I learned to mentally do it myself.

I no longer take pain medication and am back to my regular walks and can sleep thru the night thanks to this unique technique of Mindful Movement that I have learned from Barbara.



Laurie Grossman,

Co-founder Mindful Schools

Author: Master of Mindfulness How to be Your own Superhero in times of Stress

Barbara is an intuitive teacher of the Alexander Technique. She has given me lasting relief from dowager’s hump.

From my intense work schedule I developed rounded shoulders and a hunched back which I abhorred. In a short amount of time my spine released upward and my “hunched back” was gone. I now stand up straight without trying – not a temporary “fix”.

I learned this mindful technique well enough to apply it to myself to UNDO my strain patterns when under stress.

One of my saddest days ever was learning that Barbara was leaving the bay area…

Lisa Curran


Retired IBM Software Executive

I have been able to stay active and pain-free thanks to the Alexander sessions with Barbara

I had to stop running and cycling for awhile due to severe knee and hip pain.

Physical Therapy and massage therapies helped, but the results were temporary and limited to the specific body parts in pain.

In sessions with Barbara I experienced the whole pattern of movement that was involved in my injury and learned a method to UNDO this habitual pattern of MISUSE, I was learning a way to help myself be injury free by applying  the technique to any new activity. I looked forward to my sessions like a mini vacation form stress!




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