The Alexander Technique was developed by FM Alexander over 100 yrs ago as a means of overcoming his own crippling tensions that led to the loss of his voice. He was a successful Shakespearean actor in Tasmania & the lose of his voice was ruining his career.

After fruitless visits to doctors and physical trainers he decided it must be something he was doing that caused his problem.


Alexander’s Discovery

Eventually he realized his symptoms were directly related to excess tension in his neck – caused by something he was doing.

The neck tension not only restricted his throat, vocal cords, chest and breathing – but increased pressure on his spine & joints down through his feet.

This was an amazing discovery – that the neck tension was the beginning of a total pattern of tension affecting the entire body– and by freeing the neck tension you could change the tension level & co-ordination of the whole body.

He developed a way of ( thinking) and moving that released the tension in his neck muscles & restored the proper use of his entire musculature – curing his condition.

Alexander went on to help 1000’s of people across the world with a variety of serious ailments using his method.

His discovery was corroborated by a number of eminent scientists including Nobel prize winner Nikolaas Tinbergen. During his acceptance speech in 1973 London for Physiology & Medicine – Dr Tinbergen lauded the importance of the Alexander Technique.   He supported Alexanders discovery that unnecessary tension in the neck was the beginning of a total pattern of interference of the entire organism – disturbing our alignment, co-ordination, and CNS.




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